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Diversification: Real estate company now ventures into agribusiness


Optiven Limited, a real estate has launched its Kilimo Tujijenge initiative that will see them partnering with greenhouse experts and a crop management company to give their client value for their money. Optiven CEO George Wachiuri says their clients will be able to earn more with little effort as they go about their daily work or even while out of the country.

“The initiative will allow you to invest and go about your business, as you await returns from your investment. You do not have to be involved in the day-to-day running of farming,” said Wachiuri.He said that most people buy plots but in most instances these plots remain idle for a while as they look for money to construct homes.

This delay has brought about the idea of plot owners utilising these plots profitably as they wait to develop them in future. Once a customer buys a plot and he is not utilising it, green houses will be constructed and crops planted and managed by the company.

The owner of the plot will be getting a certain amount of money after the harvest of the produce. “The role of agribusiness in Kenyan economy cannot be ignored. This initiative will offer more jobs to young people, support Vision 2030, contribute to wealth creation and contribute to gainful employment,” he added.