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Industrializing agriculture will reduce waste, fight poverty, improve value- Ogbeh


The revolution of agriculture in Africa is set to take a new dimension as development partners on the continent harness opportunities to pursue growth and reduce poverty through industrialisation.

At a roundtable discussion on the way forward to transforming Africa’s agriculture, Nigeria’s minister of agriculture Audu Ogbeh aligned position with AFDB, ECA and UNDP on industrialising agriculture to reduce wastage; fight poverty and inequality as well improve value.

The commodity market in recent time has come under immense pressure with oil producing nations like Nigeria the worst hit.

Oil accounts for about 70% of revenue but it contributes less than 40% of the Nigeria’s GDP

Agriculture along with the vast opportunities along the value chain remains key as experts brainstorm to bring Africa up to speed globally.

The theme for the 8th Africa economic conference is feeding Africa: towards agro-allied industrialization for inclusive growth. ECA’s Abdalla Hamdock says the theme responds very well to commission’s on-going structural transformation campaign for the continent to promote accelerated, sustained and inclusive growth and development as articulated in various development agenda agreed upon by the continental.

Since the turn of this century, Africa has made notable gains in growth and productivity underpinned by improved economic governance and steady though slow diversification. Yet, progress towards Africa’s social development goals remains slow with unemployment, poverty and inequality rates as well as food insecurity remaining at worry heights.

The three-day event seeks to bring forth a continental synergy towards attaining improved and economically viable agricultural practices in Africa.


source: NTA