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Build Up: World Water Day


Expectations are high for March 22 which is the World Water Day! The United Nations inter-agency mechanism on all fresh water related issues,including sanitation- UN Water launched their new website few weeks ago as a build up towards the World Water Day 2017.

Few hours ago, it was published on the UN-Water Facebook Page that there are alot lined up for this years event as the theme of the 2017 report is WASTEWATER: The Untapped Resource.

” The United Nations World Water Development Report 2017, “Wastewater, The Untapped Resource” is launched on March 22.
Stayed tuned for more info…”

This theme is so important for the time, as African countries are battling with water scarcity. Some of the countries affected since late 2016 with drought/Water Shortage includes South Africa, Ethopia,  Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Kenya, Chad, Madagascar, Malawi, the Central African Republic, Burundi, Cameroon, Zimbabwe.

We await the Report!