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Kenya: Mr President and Kenyans on the donations from the ‘desert country’


It’s not news that Kenya is facing serious drought and the President requested for help from the international communities.
On Friday 3rd of March, President Uhuru Kenyatta announced on his Facebook page that the United Arab Emirates has shown assistance and donations was received in from of assorted foods.

This information currently has been causing uphear in the kenyan social media community as almost everyone is against Mr. President, although UAE might be in the same predicament as the Kenyans, or probably worse, as far as drought is concerned.

“I take this opportunity to assure all Kenyans that the Government is doing all that is in its power to ensure that people in need are assisted,” Uhuru said as he received the donations at State House.

See some reactions after the cut.

Iyiema Sechero Ngairah Am so embarrassed with this update. This is ironical; a country with good, friendly agricultural climate and huge lands for farming receiving food donation from a DESERT region. So sad. We ought to do something; we as Kenyans plus the government to avoid such embarrassments in future.

Caroline Wambui Murimi This is very shameful, a country that has the capability of providing for it’s people but chooses not to. Yani ata huoni aibu accepting those handouts from a desert country (as mentioned above) while we have our very own fertile lands?

Image source: President Uhuru Kenyatta Facebook page

The proceeds received from the Asian country is said to worth KSh 20 million.

Based on facts United Arab Emirates, was recently found to have suffered its most devastating drought in over 500 years but Kenyans need to understand that managing this situation and maintaing good security is more than having arable land and inputs.

The African Perception
As an African, i feel we are good at blaming others. In as much as we know UAE is experiencing same challenges, i think we are meant to seek solutions.

I am not against the President neither am I blaming Kenyans but we should always find solutions to situations not starting a blame game.

As the 22nd of March which is the world water day is approaching, Kenyan Governement and relevant stakeholders (Individuals, NGOs, International bodies, private oraganisations, and public institutions)should strategically think on how to manage the available water resources and solutions to how more can be generated to profit solution to the drought.


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