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Egypt to host the international conference on agriculture

Egypt is pushing to broaden farming boundaries in a drive to increase output and foreign sales.

May 13 2017 will see Egypt host the international conference on agriculture “Investing in Egypt,” in Giza, in the Greater Cairo area. At the event, major farming and environment projects will be presented in a bid to pull investors in.

Topics will include the importance of Egypt’s economy, investment opportunities in agriculture and environment, with an emphasis on cultivars that do not require much water, and ones that yield the highest financial returns, under the theme “Treasures of the Desert.”

Other subjects on the agenda include the use of solar power and groundwater in farming, fossil fuel usage reduction, modern technologies in fish farming using well water, best international practices in the fattening of animals, increasing output and reducing meat imports, farming in new areas, and the future of agricultural exports in strengthening foreign trade and revenue.

Attendees will receive booklets covering major investment opportunities, existing projects, issues, solutions and feasibility studies.

The projects and topics covered are part of the Egyptian government’s plan to reclaim 1.5 million acres of desert land for crops, relying on groundwater reservoirs.

Speaking to ANBA last March, the chairman of Egypt’s Agriculture Export Council, Abdel Hamid Demerdash, said the country intends to double its agriculture and food exports within five to eight years. Currently, the country grosses USD 4.9 billion a year from annual sales of these items.

Speakers at the conference will include government officials and people from universities and research institutes. The target audience includes local and non-local business owners, agribusiness companies, diplomats, industry organizations and researchers. Registration is free of charge.

For additional information on the conference please call or write to Egypt’s Commercial Office in São Paulo at [email protected], or +2 0111 959-3534, +2 0112 336-6685, +2 0101 314-9155 and +2 0102 158-6245.

Quick facts

International Agricultural Conference “Invest in Egypt”
May 13, Saturday, from 9am to 5pm
Horticulture Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center, next to Cairo University, on Cairo University Street, 9, Giza, Egypt
Registration is Free