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Nigeria: Kebbi, conclude plans to export 2,000 goats to Saudi Arabia


As part of its commitment to boost Internal Generated Revenue (IGR) in the state, the Kebbi State Government has concluded arrangements with Jaiz Bank to start exporting 2, 000 goats to Saudi Arabia daily.

This was confirmed by the Commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning, Alhaji Jailani Muhammad Yauri, while briefing journalist at the weekend.

The commissioner said, “We had discussed with Jaiz Bank and we told them we can supply Saudi Arabia goats because they slaughter 2,000 goats every day in Saudi Arabia. I am sure many of our people would take on to this comparative advantage we have by the time we start.”

He also said that, the state was planning border trades with Niger and Benin Republic as well as collaboration with Sokoto, Zamfara states to utilise economic comparative advantage on agriculture instead of relying on statutory allocations.

“We are also planning borders trade with Niger and Benin Republics. If we can legalised it, it would boost our IGR too,” he noted.

Yauri further stated that, “Three of us, Commissioners of Economy in Kebbi ,Sokoto and Zamfara states have agreed to come together, brainstorm and design long-term economic plans for ourselves. We have common potential which is agriculture. Kebbi is producing rice; let us utilise comparative advantage of agriculture we have and attract investors”.
The commissioner emphasised on the domestication of our economy by using agriculture to sustain and drive growth of the economy instead of depending on oil.