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Botswana explores opportunities in beef markets



This was revealed by President Lieutenant General Dr. Seretse Khama Ian Khama during the Serowe Agricultural Show late last week held under the theme: Agriculture, the driving force behind food security.

For many years, Botswana has been solely relying on diamonds sales to the first world to fill the government coffers only until 2008 when the world plunged into a recession when the buyers regarded the world’s most precious stones luxury.

It is during the world credit crunch period and a post-recession period that made Botswana struggle to emerge from the financial depression resulting in the government shelving a number of developmental projects to roar into life.

That being the case, the country has learnt it the hard way.

And it is against this backdrop of not willing to fall in the similar trap in future in ensuring that the country creates a number of markets for its beef.

According to Khama, Botswana has been relying solely on the money-spinning European Union (EU) for its beef.

However, the unpredictability of the markets in the EU has informed the country to look for alternative markets for her beef, he said.

“Whilst in the past our beef market has been the EU, and they still remain our principal export market, it is nevertheless crucial that with the unpredictability of markets, we should avoid over reliance on one market,” said Khama.

Khama added: “Consequently, we have been seeking alternative markets in other regions of the world to sell our beef. It is our conviction that the alternative markets for beef in other regions will be opened up.”

A couple of weeks ago, the governments of Botswana and Chile signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the promotion of investment and growth, and to facilitate the diversification of trade.

The MoU was signed by the Investment, Trade and Industry Minister Vincent Seretse and his counterpart from Chile, Edgardo Riveros Marin in a move that could prove that the country is on a mission to open up new markets for beef.