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Call for Papers: Local Government in Food Systems Work

Submission Deadline: November 15, 2017

Issue Sponsor: Growing Food Connections


JAFSCD seeks papers on practice-relevant research related to local governments’ roles in food systems planning, policy, and practice. By local we mean at the substate/subprovincial level (e.g., municipality, town, city, county, multicounty). We seek empirical or theoretical contributions from academics and practitioners that are solution-oriented. We also encourage manuscripts on studies emphasizing interagency collaboration, and collaboration between public, nonprofit, and private enterprises. Studies closely examining a failed or struggling project can also be very instructive.

Healthy Des Moines Initiative staff and stakeholdersTopic-appropriate submissions include case studies, literature reviews, surveys, financial analyses, cost-benefit analyses, program evaluations, impact analyses, feasibility studies, reflective essays, and project post-mortem analyses, as well as commentaries (not peer-reviewed). The work reported should focus on local governments’ management of or collaboration with other entities in food systems work through, for example, public health, planning, economic development, and community development departments, cooperative extension service, or through quasi-public agencies or initiatives such as food policy councils, task forces, or work groups. Examples include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Preparing, adopting, and/or implementing formal plans to strengthen food systems.
  • Creating, modifying, and/or implementing health, land-use or zoning, and/or public safety ordinances or bylaws to increase opportunities for or remove barriers to local/regional food production and/or food access.
  • Creating, modifying, and/or implementing of public finance incentive programs to strengthen food systems.
  • Local government response to and addressing changes in state and federal policies in an era of political volatility.
  • Engaging communities and community-based organizations in policy-making, partnerships, data collection, and program activities.
  • Balancing the interests of local food producers and residents through local government action.
  • Creating and/or evaluating the efficacy of local/regional publicly supported food systems–related jobs.
  • Creating governmental incentives for local food system expansion and/or long-term resilience.
  • Examining where city-level resources are allocated and how they influence the local food system.
    Supporting the development of a shared-use kitchen, farm incubator, or farm-to-school program.
  • Managing food or farm waste.
  • Building and celebrating a local/regional food identity.

Building leadership or capacity among local food systems stakeholders.

Analyzing the inclusion or exclusion of people of color and other marginalized groups in local government planning and/or policy processes.

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