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Stakeholder in livestock sector urges farmers to utilize natural clean product


Mrs Maureen Ota, Business Development Leader, TMD Synergy Africa Limited, has called on poultry and livestock farmers to utilize Natural Clean Product developed by the company to boost production.

She made the call on Friday in Abuja in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

She said that TMD is a new company involved in water treatment and recycling.

She said that the product grows natural algae that fish feed on.

She said that the product is good for fish and poultry farming as well as piggery.

Ota said that the product contains healthy nutrients needed for the growth of birds and livestock.

“ The use of Natural Clean product will boost the growth and development of fish, poultry, pig and other livestock.

“The use of the product will also help to reduce the cost of buying animal feeds as it contains all the required nutrients needed by fish and other livestock.

“With the use of product, there will be no need for fish farmers to change water regularly,’’ she said.

Ota advised catfish farmers to utilize the product as it is economical and reduces the cost of buying feeds.

“Our product helps in the growth of positive algae that fishes feed on and provides the natural habitation for fish in rivers,’’ she said.

She said that fish that feeds on the product would be healthy, as the water in which they grow would not stink.

She said that it is profitable to use the product because it is organic, adding that fish which feeds on the product are good for human consumption.

Ota said that the droppings of chickens’ that feed on the product is one hundred per cent organic and pure manure.