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Ghana: Dizengoff launches tractors to support Planting for Food and Jobs


The launch of Case-IH tractors by Dizengoff Ghana into the Ghanaian market was in grand style. The launch held at the National Farmers Day Exhibition held in Kumasi, Ghana.

The Case-IH tractors, which are perfect for both smallholders and commercial farmers or as utility tractors on any farming and/or hauling business, has been introduced to support farmers in the “Planting for Food and Jobs” policy of the government.
Launching the multi-purpose Case-IH tractors in the Ashanti Region capital, the Minister of State in charge of Food and Agriculture, Dr Nurah Gyeile, stated that durable tractors with good after-sales services were crucial in the agricultural development in the country.

He explained that, if after the supply of quality and adequate seeds and fertilizers the farmer is unable to plough the land on time, all these seeds and fertilizer will come to nothing.
“Halting the breaking of the backs of the ordinary farmer through the use of hoe and cutlass by resorting to mechanizations is at the heart of the President and therefore any durable tractor that would serve the test of time would be welcome,” he said.

He told Dizengoff Ghana that government’s doors were open and was looking for stronger tractors that could be suitable for the Ghanaian terrain and “if you bring good tractors, we will be good partners”,

“We in Ghana have always been excited at any opportunity to mechanise our farms”, Dr Gyeile said and traced the mechanization process to the 1960s which he noted had seen the importation of several mixes of tractors.

He said some of the tractors were in good shape and survived with time but others have faded out and cited the example during the Kufuor Administration when the country imported over 3,000 tractors of the different mix but most of them were out of use.

Dr Gyeile stated that majority of these tractors had to be abandoned due to the non-existence of after sales service and lack of spare but some of them were simply not good for the terrain in Ghana.

He said some tractors that were brought in recently started giving problems and realising this, the government had raised issues and the manufactures had given assurance that they would fix them.

Dr Gyeile explained that farmers at Planting for Food and Jobs forum organised by the ADB Bank were looking for mechanization services and after-sales services.
He expressed delight that tractors being unveiled in Ghana by Dizengoff would be durable and that they make good their promise to provide adequate spare parts and after-sales service.

The General Manager of Dizengoff, Agric Division, Mr Ahmed Hashemi, assured the government and farmers that, the tractors have been made to withstand the vagaries of the Ghanaian weather conditions, last longer and give the farmer value for money.

He said the company had put in place an excellent After Sales Services and the provision of adequate Spare Parts will not be a problem.

Dizengoff Ghana, a British Company and the sole-distributor of the Case-IH tractors in Ghana, has a long history of supplying products and services to the agricultural sector of the Ghanaian economy at many levels.

The company has a long history with Ghana dating back as old as 1957, and still enjoys a huge number of happy and satisfied customers due to the sales of Quality Products, and provision quality Customer and After Sales Services.