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Apply: Foodstars Accelerator Program


Does your startup have a solution that helps to feed the world’s cities?
In vertical farming or horticulture?
Does your innovation improve efficiency in water, energy or soil usage?

The Foodstar accelerator program aims at fostering innovative startups with new technologies, production methods and business models.

What you can expect
By participating in our FoodStars Accelerator you receive:

  • Hands-on business development support
  • Validation in local market
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Offline learning modules on market segmentation; team; financial modelling; lean validation approach; investment proposition; valuation; marketing/sales; impact measurement; branding; valuation; pitch training
  • Matchmaking between start-ups and investors, business partners and clients
  • Support to build operational, financial, managerial capacity
  • Opening new networks (distribution channels, client base, investors)
  • Access to online community of innovative start-up entrepreneurs and FoodStars partners
  • € 15K capital injection in return for an 8% equity stake

More information on registration and criteria click here to visit foodstars’ website