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World Cashew Convention and Exhibition 2018


The World Cashew Convention & Exhibition is a global platform aimed at bringing together the cashew industry value chain participants (from seed to snack) and collectively shaping the future. Cashewinfo.com, an information and knowledge service provider to the global cashew industry, with the support of the stakeholders, has embarked on this ambitious programme & receiving excellent support since its inaugural edition in 2015.

WCC Relevance
WCC platform is designed to facilitate (a) business meetings and networking; (b) dissemination of new ideas and ways of doing business; and (c) long term thinking through sharing and caring.

The Conference agenda also offers a lot of discussions pertaining to cashew industry and it will be a good platform for learning and exchange thoughts on a global level.

WCC is spaced out over three days to provide for enough networking opportunities and relaxation.

The World Cashew Conference and Exhibition (WCC) is scheduled to hold on February 1-3 2018 in MACAU.

Why WCC?

  • Cashew as a raw nut and kernel moves through various countries and continents with business being done from a distance, with limited opportunity to meet and discuss business.
  • Cashew related conference/exhibitions happen with focus limited to a country, a promotion board/association or limited to certain issues/topics only.
  • There are global conferences/exhibitions happening in other nuts or even other commodities which offer a larger and global platform for discussion, networking & business tie-ups.
  • WCC will be one such global platform for cashew industry to meet, discuss and network.
  • WCC will offer the platform to discuss global issues concerning the trade and not limit to any specific country or issue/s.

To know more about the event, visit the conference website here