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Namibia: Sustainable solution to the competitive cattle and sheep slaughter industry


The Namibian meat industry, as is with the Namibian economy in general, remains under severe pressure and will do so for the remainder of 2018, given world economic indicators.

Challenges and efforts by the Meat Board of Namibia (MBN) will thus be confined to addressing ways to drastically limit expenditure and grow income of the value chain.

“The most important aspect to deal with is, to assist with the facilitation of processes to establish markets for Northern Communal Areas (NCAs) cattle producers,” says MBN general manager, Paul Strydom.
Another aspect to receive attention will be sheep exports through the Sheep Marketing Scheme. Industry presentations were made to the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF). MBN together with the sheep industry is in the process of developing proposals to address price differentials between Namibian and South African export abattoirs, the availability of quotas to producers, and perhaps other marketing channels to ensure a fair dispensation, amongst others.

Over the long term, the financing of critical functions of the Directorate: Veterinary Services for the export of livestock and meat needs to be addressed and solved. Also important is the improvement of the competitiveness of cattle slaughter prices and/or containment of cattle production costs. MBN and its industry committees recommend the commissioning of research into the competiveness of the different value chain components.

Inefficiencies will be identified and solutions recommended. It is important that all stakeholders contribute in the successful solution to a competitive cattle and sheep slaughter industry.