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Angola: Minister impressed with Level of Agricultural Production


The minister of Agriculture and Forests, Marcos Alexandre Nhunga, last Sunday in Chinguar Municipality, central Bié Province, manifested his satisfaction at the level of the local agricultural production and the engagement of peasants in the present cultivation campaign.

The government official expressed such stance to ANGOP, in the end of a two-day work visit to the central Bié Province.

Marcos Alexandre Nuhunga said he was quite happy with the engagement of young peasants in the present agricultural campaign.

He then stressed that the government, as a result of the efforts it has made to assist peasants in their activity, hopes that this production increase can contribute to the fight to substantially decrease poverty and the diversification of the Angolan economy.

“We must continue to produce more and more to fulfil the aims of the Executive, which has focused on the diversification of the economy andthe fight against hunger and poverty”, he explained.

However, he expressed some concern about the very low prices peasants get for their products, as well as the bad state of the roads, which cause serious difficulties to the transportation of the agricultural production to the urban centres.

While in Bié, Marcos Nhunga visited several agricultural infrastructures and farms, as well as held meetings with members of the local government, entrepreneurs and farmers.

Bié Province’s population is estimated at over one million people, with a great number of them having agriculture as the main activity and subsistence source.