We deliver healthy and quality feeds to cater for the livestock value chain -Morenike Molehin


    Animal nutrition is important for quality livestock products, profitable and sustainable farming.
    African Harvesters had Agribusiness conversations with Morenike Molehin, Managing director, Newer Heights Limited- an agro-processing company which is specialized in the production of soya beans feeds and oil for livestock. The interview was centered around her entrepreneurship journey, food security, sourcing for agricultural commodity (soya bean seeds), access to markets, challenges in Nigerian Agricultural landscape and many more

    African Harvesters:  Tell us about yourself and your Agribusiness?

    Morenike Molehin: My name is Morenike Molehin, Managing director at Newer Heights Limited. Newer Heights Ltd, is an evolving Agro-processing company which specialises in creating quality feeds for livestock.  We process Soya beans seeds into soya feeds and soya oil for the consumption of livestock (poultry animals).


    African Harvesters: How is your business participating in the development of Food Security in Nigeria?

    Morenike Molehin: For food security to be attainable stakeholders like us deliver healthy and quality feeds to cater for the livestock value chain which increases animal health & nutrition and boost animal product yield. The 3 products we produce from soya (Full fat, soya cake and soya oil) is added to the other feed mixtures given to chicken (both layers and broilers). The pig production value chain also benefits from the feeds. The farmers that purchase from us are large industry players who supply to market women, hotels, restaurants, schools, etc. Although we do not seem like a major part but we are definitely a significant part of the food chain. Without us, there would be no can’t have healthy livestock *Smiles*


    African Harvesters: How has the Agribusiness entrepreneurial journey being?

    Morenike Molehin: The business journey has been both exciting and challenging. We face so many obstacles from unavailability of soya beans in the market (farms), unreasonably priced seeds due to farmers hoarding the seeds because they want to make more money, logistics/transportation and human interventions but all in all, there is a great reward and we are excited to be on this journey.


    African Harvesters: Where do you see your Agribusiness in 5 years from now and what steps are you taking today to reach that objective?

    Morenike Molehin: We are positioned to scale and be one of the largest producers in West Africa (We are currently one of the Largest in Lagos State, Nigeria). We just sourced for more machinery to expand and increase production capacity because the demands are getting a lot more than we can produce.

    We also plan to add more products so as to make the livestock healthier and reach more markets.


    African Harvesters: What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs looking to start an Agribusiness or invest in Nigeria?

    My advice for anyone wanting to go into the Agri-business would be to do a lot of research, make sure you have 101% knowledge of the area you are going into. weigh the pros and cons,  and be patient.