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FrieslandCampina debut sustainable packaging through Chocomel


Chocomel is the first brand worldwide to opt for innovative packaging of more than 80 percent plant-based materials

Sustainable production is high on the agenda at FrieslandCampina as a sustainable leader in the dairy sector. For the long-keeping variety of our brand Chocomel, we are now the first food producer in the world to opt for a new, innovative cardboard liter pack. One that is for more than 80 percent made of raw materials that come from plants, with wood and sugar cane as parent materials. The new packaging will be available in stores in the Netherlands at the end of this week.

The new packaging of the sustainable varieties of Chocomel is from more than 80 percent made of plant-based materials. In addition to the cardboard, which is produced from wood that is 100 percent sourced from FSC-certified forests, the plastic cap and the outer plastic layer of the iconic yellow-colored suit are now made from plants. It concerns the part of the plant that remains after the part that is suitable for food has been taken out. The processing of this material for the packaging of Chocomel is therefore not at the expense of food. On an annual basis, about 40 million packages are involved.

Highest possible, 4-star certificate
By crossing the 80 percent limit FrieslandCampina reaches the threshold for the highest possible, 4-star certificate, ‘Ok Biobased’. This is issued by the worldwide accredited inspection and certification organisation Vinçotte. Compared with the previous packaging, the new Chocomel pack yields a CO2 saving of 17 percent, according to the independent Swedish environmental research institute IVL.

The choice for this innovative packaging is completely in line with our strategy, route2020, and purpose, Nourishing by nature. Nourishing by nature stands for better nutrition for consumers in the world, good income for our farmers, now and in the future. To achieve climate-neutral growth, FrieslandCampina is working on an efficient and sustainable production chain. In line with Sustainable Development Goal 12 of the United Nations, ‘Sustainable consumption and production’ (SDG 12), we aim to use only agricultural raw materials and paper packaging in 2020, from fully sustainably managed sources.