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Liberia: MOA to Launch School Garden Program


The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) has disclosed the plan to launch school garden program across the country in order to support home grown school feeding.

The disclosure was made recently by Sayma Syrenius Cephus, Deputy Agriculture Minister for Regional Development Research and Extension, when he delivered a keynote address at a just ended African School Feeding Day Celebration held in Monrovia.

Mr. Cephus said the launch of the program will help fast-track the process of making Liberia a food secure country.

“In complementing the school feeding program, we must establish a school garden program to put us in a position to deliver to the students whenever their supply of food starts to run out,” said Cephus.

Cephus said that the school garden program will be a developmental tool that will provide opportunities for school-going kids across the country when it is launched.

“It is important to start agriculture project at the primary level in our education sector, because it would be a future discipline for some of the pupils; it will also be a science for research purpose for them to use the course to empower themselves,” he said.

Cephus added that the MOA has organized a team that comprises of agronomists and soil scientists that would be ready to work along with school-going kids after the program is launched.

But said there was the need for the government to institute a policy that will enhance school garden program.