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Training: Urban Snail Commercialization Project


Scheduled Training on Heliculture (Snail farming) in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

There’s the urgent need for Nigerians to have a radical shift from total dependence on government for job to entrepreneurship. One of such attractive areas for self-employment is snail farming. Heliculture is a great money-spinning business and a substantial source of protein to complement Nigerian carbohydrate meals.

The current food situation in Nigeria and Africa as a whole becomes as critical as to constitute a nearly intractable problems. The problems are accessioned by high rate of population growth which has arisen the failure of food production to cope with national demand.

Agricultural sector has a unique role to play in the quest of putting the Nigeria economy on the production of balanced self reliant and non inflationary growth. There is huge evidence that an agricultural evolution is a fundament production for economic development.

The agricultural sector has a potential to be the industrial and economic spring boards but unfortunately more often than not agricultural activities are usually concentrated in the less developed rural areas where there is a crucial need for transformation, re- distribution, poverty alleviation and social economic development.

At Natural Nutrient Limited the high cost of some available animal protein in Nigeria has compiled us to look for alternative source of protein from animal which are reared with minimum capital. Micro livestock such as snail naturally filled the vacuum as an important source of protein, irrespective of snail considerable high potentials, local snails production has failed to meet the country demand which is far higher than the current supply. it becomes obvious that a lot of work and campaign has to be put in place with aimed to increase snail availability at a reduced price for every household.

Moreover many who are already into snail farming are also unwilling to let others know about the farming methodology and the techniques are often shrouded in secrecy this informed our decision to partner with GoGreen Africa Initiative a registered NGO promoting social solution to building fast, resilient and sustainable enterprise driven economy across Africa through EAT-(Environment\Entrepreneurship, Agribusiness and Technology) to designed a promotional and practical capacity building program that will motivate individuals mostly in the urban region to engage in commercialization of snail production in Nigeria.

Heliculture (Snail farming) is the process of raising snails either in an intensive or free range environment, thus making them feel as if they are in their natural habitat, this is done because of its economic values (meat, manufacturing and financial befits) others are its aesthetics (beauty, decoration and research) purposes.

Considering the high prospect in the sail industry the provision of protein through snails availability and creating employment for the producers, processors and marketers, we are therefore advising and encouraging massive participation and diversification into snail farming. It is a great money-spinning business that can provide a substantial source of protein to complement Nigerian carbohydrate meals.


Attend the Snail Farming training organized by Go Green Africa in collaboration with Natural Nutrient Limited in Port Harcourt Nigeria.

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