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Nutrition Facts for Africa


Do you Know in 2017, more than one third of stunted children under the age of five lived in Africa? The prevalence of stunting in children under the age of five varies by region, with Sub-Saharan Africa showing a higher prevalence (33.9%) in comparison with Northern Africa:

East Africa – 35.6%
Central Africa – 32.1%
Northern Africa – 17.3%
Southern Africa – 29.1%
West Africa – 29.9%

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A stunted child can be described as a child who is too short for his or her age due to prolonged malnutrition.

Africa is seeing an upward trend in the number of stunted children, from 50.6 million in 2000 to 58.7 million in 2017.

We can do more, let us invest in the nutrition of our children because the most critical time to invest in nutrition is during the first 1,000 days – from conception to 24 months of age, when important building blocks for brain development, growth and immune system occur