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Event: 4th International Congress Hidden Hunger


Join the dialogue on Hidden hunger & the transformation of Food Systems at the 4th International Congress Hidden Hunger. Other relevant stakeholders such as scientists, policymakers, NGOs & private sector players would be present.

Theme: Hidden hunger and the transformation of food systems:
How to combat the double burden of malnutrition

Date: February 27 – March 1, 2019

Venue: University of Hohenheim
Stuttgart, Germany

The 4th Congress Hidden Hunger is a continuation of the successful, international event series “Congress Hidden Hunger” which started in 2013 in Stuttgart, Germany.

At the 1st Congress Hidden Hunger the causes and consequences of hidden hunger as well as possible solutions were discussed. The 2nd Congress Hidden Hunger which was hosted in 2015 addressed the specific problem of hidden hunger during pregnancy and the first years of life. Associated, serious consequences for child development and the increased risk for maternal mortality were also discussed. In March 2017, the 3rd Congress Hidden Hunger considered the question of how far the Post-2015 Agenda and other programs and measures adopted in 2015 to fight against world famine and poverty have already been implemented. To achieve this, political parties and industry representatives as well as representatives of civil society and advocacy groups (NGOs) were invited to take a position. Furthermore, successfully established projects and initiatives (such as the special initiative “One World – No Hunger” of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)) were presented at this previous event of the “Congress Hidden Hunger” series.

As in case of the previous congresses in this series, the 4th Congress Hidden Hunger taking place in 2019 will bring together members of different disciplines: nutritionists, agricultural scientists, economists and sociologists. Moreover, the congress will encourage the dialogue between scientists, policy-makers and representatives of non-governmental organizations and the private sector. It is dedicated to review the available evidence on the double burden of malnutrition, present new research findings on underlying causes and consequences, feature innovative strategies and discuss the roles and responsibilities of governments, development organizations, civil society and the private sector in combating the double burden of malnutrition.

The “Congress Hidden Hunger” provides a platform for global interactions of members belonging to the scientific community, representatives from politics, government and the media as well as members of civil society organizations, advocacy groups and private and public sector bodies. The considerable and continuous feedback to the first three congresses convinced the organizers to host the 4th Congress Hidden Hunger with the title “Hidden hunger and the transformation of food systems: How to combat the double burden of malnutrition?”.

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