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IITA GoSeed launches first e-commerce site for breeder and foundation seed in Nigeria


IITA GoSeed, a unit of the IITA Business Incubation Platform (BIP), launched the first e-commerce website in Nigeria, making breeder and foundation seed of the best varieties of important food crops available. The website was officially unveiled at a promo day highlighting IITA’s smart tools for smart farming, and buyers can now order online at http://www.iitagoseed.com

IITA GoSeed is responsible for the commercial promotion of the early generation seed of improved crop varieties generated by IITA and other international (CGIAR) centers across the globe. Focus crops include banana and plantain, cassava, cowpea, maize, rice, soybean, and yam. IITA GoSeed produces and sells high-quality breeder and foundation seed of these crops to seed producers in the seed system in Nigeria and across Africa at affordable prices.

Working with seed experts, seed producers, seed regulators, and other stakeholders across the various value chains, IITA GoSeed ensures the movement of seed to farmers to help transform their productivity, income, and livelihoods.

Access to clean, improved varieties of seed is a major challenge to achieving high productivity and profitability in agricultural production in Africa. Improved seed varieties may be unavailable, sold at high prices, or sold in adulterated forms to smallholder farmers in rural areas, thereby promoting the use of farmer-saved seed. This has contributed to consistently low yields and reduced income levels, increased rural poverty, and underdevelopment in the sector.

IITA GoSeed is passionate about improving farmers’ access to clean seed and creating a viable seed ecosystem in Nigeria and across Africa. This first e-commerce site for breeder and foundation seed of the best varieties in Nigeria will take away the headache of locating a source of quality seed, and the stress of traveling from one part of the country to another to purchase seed.

Locations of IITA GoSeed fields can be accessed on the Seed Tracker via the website and buyers have the option of pick-up or home delivery.

Visit the IITA GoSeed website here

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