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Cellulant unveils Tingg and Agrikore for improved market place solutions in Nigeria


Cellulant Corporation unveils Tingg and Agrikore for improved market place solutions in Nigeria. The brand affirmed its commitment to eliminating inefficiency and wastages in the Agric value chain with Tingg and Agrikore.

While Tingg is a payment solution accessible to everyone, Agrikore is an innovative platform built on blockchain technology that has simplified and connected all players in the agriculture sector.

The co-chief executive officer of the agritech company, Ken Njoroge, reiterated its commitment, recently at Cellulant’s inaugural partners’ summit themed ‘Technology For Transformation: Connecting Everyone to Nigeria’s $50bn Agribusiness Opportunity & Creating Jobs For Africa’s Youth’ held in Lagos.

In his presentation entitled ‘Payments Laying Down the Foundation for Connecting Africa’, Njoroge explained that Africa has a comparative advantage in agriculture but needs efficiency in its value chain to have the desired impacts of food security, job creation and economic development.

He disclosed that this was what motivated the company to research and invest in the two solutions operational in 20 African countries, including Nigeria and involving several strategic partners.
Njoroge said, “If you bring efficiency into the Agric value-chain, ensure that crops don’t rot on farms, trucks operate regularly, there are no unemployed youth in rural areas, and no factory produces below capacity. if we can connect these dots, we can bring efficiency that can power the transformation of Nigeria and Africa across the board.”

The co-founder of the pan-African technology company further explained that Cellulant was building a business model called ‘farm to plate’ that involves connecting all players in the Agric sector with technology to ensure that the processes are optimised.

He added that both Agrikore and Tingg have been tested and confirmed to be connecting everyone in the Agric farm place while boosting transparency.

According to Ngoroje, the market place and payment platforms are connecting everyone. The payment platform ensures that everyone gets paid in real-time as transactions happen. We know it is working, we are working with 120 banks on the continent; large businesses are our customers.

This is a collaboration that continues to benefit all parties.
Corroborating his partner, co-chief executive officer, Cellulant Corporation, Bolaji Akinboro, said Tingg and Agrikore 2.0 provide access to the market place, increase transparency and simplifies the whole Agric value chain.

“Farmers are producing, but access to the market is the issue. Our payment platform allows both the farmer, aggregator, supplier, everyone to see how money is flowing in the system. It is for people who want to be part of an ecosystem that is profitable for them and which also provides jobs for hundreds of people,” he said.

The Cellulant summit was attended by development partners including African Development Bank, Shared Agent Network Expansion Facility (SANEF), Flutterwave, banks and DFID amongst others.