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Uganda Decides To Carry Out Mass Vaccination Against Foot And Mouth Disease


The Government of Uganda through its Ministry of Agriculture, Animals Husbandry and Fisheries are to carry out a national mass vaccination for all animals against the Foot and Mouth Disease.

While addressing journalists today at the Uganda Media Centre, the State Minister for Animal Husbandry Bright Rwamirama said the country is experiencing an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease which requires urgent response due to the negative impact it is inflicting the economy.

“The Livestock sector contributes more income into our economy through livestock products exports but our products won’t access regional and international markets where there is a demand for these products,” said Rwamirama.

He said the exercise will commence in three weeks’ time from today.

Rwamirama said that Cabinet had approved a supplementary Budget worth UGX 14.6Billion to procure vaccines to treat the Livestock.

Currently, Uganda has about 41million Livestock. Of those, 14.8million are cattle, 16millon (goats) and over 5million are pigs.

According to the Minister, the exercise will be carried out in the most vulnerable places to the outbreak of the disease like in the Cattle Transit Routes and Cattle Corridors.

Apart from carrying out vaccination, the Ministry is also going to strengthen the regulations on the movement of Livestock both internally and across borders.