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International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste


Today 29th September, marks the first observance of the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste which came during the global pandemic COVID-19, that has served as a global wake-up on the need to transform and correct the way in which food is produced and consumed.

Reducing food losses and waste is essential in our world due to the number of people affected by the gradual rise of hunger since 2014, and a great amount of food is lost and wasted every day.

Food loss and waste also put pressure on the natural resource base and on the environment.

Globally, around 14 percent of food produced is lost between harvest and retail and Significant quantities are also wasted in retail, and at the consumption level(FAO).

When food is wasted, all the resources that were used to produce this food such as water, land, energy, labour and capital go to waste. In addition, the disposal of food loss and waste in landfills, leads to greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change.

Various actions are required globally and locally to maximize the use of the food we produce. Such as the introduction of technologies, innovative solutions, new ways of working and good practices to manage food quality and reduce food loss and waste are keys to implementing this transformative change.

Reducing food loss and waste requires the attention and actions of all, from food producers to food supply chain stakeholders, to food industries, retailers and consumers.

It is important to read, research and discover the things you can do and take action, start something today.

Stop food loss and waste, For the People, For the planet.

Ways to prevent food loss and wastage
Have a grocery list of the food items to be purchased
Buy the important items on the list
Measure and cook the amount of food you can consume
Avoid waste as much as you can