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Kenya: Mwingi women encouraged to take up beekeeping


The women in the North of Mwingi, especially in Ngomeni ward, have been encouraged and motivated to take up beekeeping due to the current situation and issues of food production in the land.

The rainfall has been insufficient and unreliable which has caused and led to a reduction of crop farming, food production and water scarcity, hence the importance of embarking on the lucrative bee-keeping to reduce poverty and food insecurity, Kitui value chain addition specialist Temi Mutia said.

He spoke during a visit to Ngomeni Beekeepers Cooperative Society where he issued members with a certificate, honey production equipment, among other bee farming kits.

He gave them various and necessary equipment in order to partake in beekeeping such as; 50 smokers, 50 pairs of gumboots, 50 pairs of gloves, 50 bee suits, and 100 airtight harvesting buckets.

The county government has been training farmers on modern beekeeping technology to boost honey production in the country, and to help reduce poverty, promote food security, productivity and increase employment.

“It is time our farmers, especially in Mwingi North, focused on bee-keeping, and work together in cooperatives to increase productivity and profitability for the people at the grassroots level,” Mutia said.

The county has five bee farmers cooperatives with about 10,000 members and  100,000 beehives.

Ngomeni bee-keepers’ cooperative treasurer Anna Mulwa, who has over 30 beehives, urged women to focus more on apiary as it is more profitable than traditional crop farming.

She identified ignorance of modern bee farming as the main hindrance of successful bee-keeping,

She was grateful to the county government for the on going training to improve yields.