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Apply: 47 Champions Awards


Kenya Climate Innovation Center is looking for the best 47 youth agripreneurs in Kenya (one champion per county). Are you one of them?

Apply into the 47 Champions Awards for a chance to win study tours, technical training and more agricultural mentorship opportunities.

Who Can Apply:
Applicants must be living and working in Kenya at the time of application; they should be aged between 18 and 35 years; should demonstrate current involvement in an agribusiness (in production, aggregation, processing or any other node of the agriculture value chain such as distribution, or IT and financial service provision. Applicants may be individuals or members of youth associations /groups/cooperatives; they may be entrepreneurs or wage workers/contributing family workers.

Our Definition of an Innovative Business
An innovative business is a business that demonstrates the use of a new approach, product, idea or service that has not been tested anywhere; ii. An approach, product, idea or service that is new to Kenya; or iii. An approach, product, idea or service that has not been applied to the sector in question in Kenya.

Learn more about the competition and apply here