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Happy World Bee Day 2021


May 20 is set aside as the World Bee Day since 2018, this year’s theme is titled “Bee engaged: Build Back Better for Bees”

By this theme, United Nations focused upon the threats of protection posed by the COVID-19 to bees and other pollinators. UN also urged upon bee-keeping awareness and the importance of bee derived products.

Here are some interesting facts about Bees

1. Bees live in colonies. In each colony, there are three types of bees, queen bee- Female,

the worker bee- Female,

and the drone- Male.

2. The queen bee is the only bee which can reproduce; their job is to lay eggs only

Worker bee’s tasks are to clean the hive, collecting pollen and nectar to feed the colony and taking care of the offspring.

Drone bees only mates with the queen.

3. There are almost 20,000 different species of bees in the world