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ENABLE Youth Cameroon agripreneurs win awards during IITA’s strong showing at SIALY 2021

Agriculture is an economic powerhouse in Cameroon, engaging more than 50% of the nation’s economically active population. IITA has been working in the country for several decades, promoting best practices and introducing technologies to improve productivity in the sector and increase the income of smallholder farmers, in particular.From 5 to 11 July, IITA participated in the 7th edition of the Yaoundé International Agribusiness Exhibition (SIALY 2021) held at the National Museum. The Institute showcased IITA’s innovations in the development of agriculture, particularly in the seed system, IPM, and soil fertility management.

IITA-Cameroon staff responded to questions and inquiries from the visitors at the Institute’s stand for seven days. One of the highlights of IITA’s exhibition was the workshop organized as a side event. This emphasized IITA’s mission and its main achievements in the development of agriculture in Cameroon. The exhibition also gave some aspiring Agripreneurs of ENABLE Youth Cameroon an opportunity to display their products and talk about their enterprises.

IITA’s participation was a resounding success, with about a thousand people visiting the stand during the seven exhibition days. Visitors to the IITA display included the Cameroonian Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Mr Gabriel Mbairobe, the representative of GIZ Director Christine Schuster, and the representative of the Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon Richard Bale.

The Institute experienced even more positives as the aspiring Agripreneurs won four out of the seven Prizes of Excellence awarded by Cameroon’s Enterprises Upgrade Office (BMN: Bureau de Mise à Niveau des Entreprises au Cameroun) at the end of the fair. The winning agripreneurs were MAC Food Sarl for its sorrel wine brand, Le Bon Augustin; Isiflour Group for their corn porridge; Walakwe Food Sarl for the bitter cola syrup brand, WEP Syrup; and NANKOUA with its brand, Poulet pour tous. They won the first, third, fourth, and fifth place prizes, respectively.