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AGRA’s Women-Women Supply Chain Program Launch Event


AGRA, through its VALUE4HER Program cordially invite you to “Women-Women Supply Chain Program Launch Event”

Rationalized by its novel attempt to ‘incubate and increase the number and diversity of women-owned agri-SMEs participating in a women inclusive supply chains project using a matching grant’. One of the key factors limiting these innovative women to women business relationships is the lack of financial capacity to try out new ideas. Most women already start their enterprises with little capital and have less room to take risks in innovations that benefit other women (UN Women, 2017). Moreover, at the micro-level, the situation is compounded by structural and socio-cultural factors contributing to the gender credit gap, which include amongst others access to collateral, financial institutional bias, and sociocultural norms. Further, these vulnerable women-agribusiness owners have limited social and human capital, specifically in establishing robust business networks, they tend to rely more heavily on family connections and informal networks (AGRA, 2020).

AGRA will be implementing activities that are geared towards catalyzing women to women supplier and mentorship relationships to create market and learning networks among women-led businesses. This program will catalyze women-women supply chains, evaluate, and learn how business relations along women supply chains work to incentivize women to learn and adapt their attitude/perception to business growth and facilitate the development of knowledge and insights for scale, voice, and advocacy initiatives in Africa. The program will provide a crucial link between top tiers of women SMEs and the nano and micro women entrepreneurs and will provide avenues for knowledge transfer and mentorship between women in agribusiness.

The launch event will highlight latest innovative approaches/models that can be adopted & scaled to achieve women economic empowerment, as well as addressing challenges faced by women Agri-SMEs.

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