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Kenya: Fostering food standards in the potato value chain


The news broke across East Africa on Monday when KFC said they ran out of imported potatoes. The narrative portrayed shows that KYC boycotts local potatoes farmers’. The firm’s stated that it doesn’t source potatoes locally because of its global quality standards.

KFC’s chief executive for East Africa Jacques Theunissen said on Tuesday that farmers in Kenya can supply its outlets with potatoes for chips but they must meet KFC’s global quality and safety specifications.

“Unfortunately, the quality and safety specifications for new supplies are proprietary to KFC,” said Mr. Theunissen.

The firm is currently facing a shortage of potatoes at its outlets in Kenya following delays in delivery from its overseas suppliers, forcing it to offer customers alternative food items in place of French fries.

According to the National Potato Council of Kenya CEO Wachira Kaguongo, Kenya produces 62 varieties of potatoes and they can meet the demands for KFC.

Wachira said the council is ready to support KFC with the supply of the required variety and quality they expect.

We hope local production would meet the required standards that are expected as KFC has not stated categorically the specified standards and variety.