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Apply: Call for projects Promotion of family farming in West Africa – Pafao 2022


How to apply for the Promotion of family farming in West Africa – Pafao 2022.

The Promotion of Family Farming in West Africa (Pafao) program has been jointly supported by the Foundation de France and the French Committee for International Solidarity (CFSI) since 2009.

It benefits from a contribution from the JM Foundation. Bruneau (housed at the Fondation de France) and the French Development Agency (AFD).
The Joint action for West-Africa (Jafowa) program participates in the capitalization component of the program. The Network of Farmers’ and Producers’ Organizations of West Africa (Roppa) is a member of the steering and monitoring committee. The program supports or has supported more than 270 initiatives since 2009 on the basis of a general annual call for projects and 4 Boost calls (in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2020).

The overall objective of the Pafao program is:

  • to advance the use of local strategy to build up access to healthy and quality food produced by viable and sustainable West African family farming and processed in the country or in the sub-region, while ensuring a fair distribution of added value on value chains (this is the present call for projects) ;
  • to widen knowledge span on produce and then apply it to gain useful lessons beyond projects, for organizations, and for advocacy actors.
  • support the construction of scale-up strategies so that successful initiatives do not remain marginal but occupy more economic space.

In a context of competition with imports, this amounts to supporting “local consumption”, understood as “the local and national consumption of West African family farming products”. More details here.

By allying itself with Roppa (a major advocacy player) and by allowing the eligibility of advocacy projects, the program articulates a rather economic approach with projects carried out at the level of territories and sectors with an approach of influence on the political and legislative environment at the national and regional level so that it is more favorable to sustainable family farming.

The 2022 call exclusively targets initiatives that address one (or more) of these 3 questions:

How can the marketing of local products be remunerative for peasants and other actors in the sectors, beyond niche markets, and vector of quality food produced and processed in the country or sub-region?

How can local products from peasant family farming have sustainable access to institutional markets?

How to make West African consumers, and their organizations, full players in the mass consumption of healthy local products?
If your project does not centrally and specifically answer at least one of these questions, it will not be retained.

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