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Namibia: Agricultural sector needs $5billion


The government of Namibia will feed $5 billion per year to the agricultural sector of the Landless People’s Movement in Namibia in a bid to create jobs and rebuild the country’s economy post-Covid-19 pandemic.

The association saw it fit that the government invests a huge amount of money into the agricultural sector that is primarily based on livestock and agro-economic activities which will bring about advancement and diversity thereby boosting the sector.

“The sector needs to be boosted with a special focus on food production to create food security. Therefore, N$5 billion per year must be fed into the agricultural sector,” said the party.

According to the party, the Neckartal Dam south of Keetmanshoop is readily available for irrigation utilization, adding that all government needs to do is purchase land for irrigation and start production.

“We propose that the relevant ministry make land available to //Kharas Regional Council for investment opportunities creation and for co-ownership. As matters stand now, only Namib Mills have shown interest in this dam, and the water is being wasted,” the party said.

In the 2021/22 national budget, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform received N$1.7 billion or 2.9% of the budget for investment in the sector. The LPM said as the governing party in the //Kharas region, they are pleased for notable investment that the central government has undertaken as far as the building of the Neckartal Dam is concerned. However, they said their belief is that agriculture is the most viable economic activity for Namibia.

“Persistent droughts wiped out more than half of farmers productive animals, and urgent investments and opening up of the dam opportunities would aid job creation and economic revitalization in that region and Namibia at large,” said the party