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Uganda: Armyworm attacks farms

Armyworm attacks farms
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According to Uganda’s Agriculture Ministry, the African armyworm (larva of Spodoptera exempta), has infested numerous sections of Uganda’s Cereals.

The African armyworm is a pest that targets cereals and grasses or pastures.

On Tuesday, Agriculture Minister Frank Tumwebaze tweeted that the pest had spread to 14 districts, owing to climate change, according to entomologists.

Tumwebaze said the ministry is working with and helping the impacted regions with pesticides and water pumps, noting that the bug can be managed using an insecticide called Cypermethrin 5EC.

“Farmers are recommended to leave the paddock for seven days if the attack is on pasture. For seven days, don’t graze on the pasture “Added the minister.

The African armyworm is the larva of the night-flying moth Spodoptera exempta, according to an article published in Nature in 2009. It is a serious crop pest found in eastern Africa. Caterpillars may eat cocoa, bananas, and maize, as well as defecate in water sources.