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Brazil’s Agriculture Minister travel to secure fertilizer imports.

Brazil’s Minister of Agriculture Marcos Montes

Later this week, Brazil’s Agriculture Minister Marcos Montes will travel to Morocco, Jordan, and Egypt to discuss increasing fertilizer imports from these countries.

Montes’ business travel to North Africa, which is set to begin on May 6, is scheduled to last eight to ten days, according to Reuters.

The Brazilian diplomat had planned to come in April, but it had to be postponed owing to Ramadan.

“It’s a pilgrimage that we’re calling fertilizer diplomacy,” Montes told Reuters on Monday, adding that he will be accompanied by private sector representatives on the trip.

Brazil also wants to attract foreign companies to produce fertilizers in the country, according to the Brazilian ministry.

Despite being a major supplier of agricultural products, Brazil imports approximately 85 percent of its fertilizer.

According to Reuters, the South American behemoth is concerned about a possible global shortage of the products after Western countries put sanctions on key manufacturers Belarus and Russia, while China curtailed supplies.

After Russia and Belarus, Morocco is currently Brazil’s third-largest fertilizer supplier.

Along with other countries such as Qatar, Egypt, and Oman, the North African country accounts for 26% of the fertilizers imported by Brazil, which is looking for new sources to meet its fertilizer demands due to a significant disruption in supply from Eastern Europe.

Because Brazil relies heavily on Russian and Belarussian fertilizer shipments, the conflict in Ukraine is wreaking havoc on the country’s agriculture. The Brazilian government now intends to boost fertilizer imports from Arab countries to 30% or 35%.

Montes’ trip to Morocco comes just a few weeks after he met with ten Arab countries to discuss Brazil’s urgent need for fertilizer supply.

Officials from Brazil and representatives from other Arab countries, including Morocco, pledged to enhance fertilizer supplies to the South American country during the summit.

Morocco’s ambassador to Brazil, Nabil Adghoghi, recently emphasized the OCP Group’s contribution to Brazilian agriculture.

The Moroccan state-owned corporation is the world’s largest supplier of crude phosphate and has a constantly developing fertilizer business, allowing it to become a vital participant in the African fertilizer market as well as an important player in global markets.

Ambassador Adghoghi also discussed Morocco’s ability to play a significant role in the logistical connection between Brazil and Arab countries, emphasizing the Tanger Med port’s standing as a world-class platform for exports to the Mediterranean and the Middle East.