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More females encouraged to take career opportunities in Agriculture

females encouraged to take career opportunities

African Girls and Women in Agriculture (AGWA) has educated females student from Ejisu Senior High and Technical School about the possibilities of agricultural courses and job opportunities.

Agriculture education in the country is being eroded, according to Dr. Priscilla Francisco Ribeiro, a Research Scientist, and Maize Breeder at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), who also served as the non-governmental organization’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

She emphasized the benefits of studying agriculture and encouraged girls to pursue it as a career, stating that the organization’s mission was to encourage females at tertiary levels to pursue agriculture as a career and to promote agriculture and entrepreneurship among women and girls.

Dr. Francisco said AGWA is encouraging the high-level engagement of females through mentorship and exhibition programs as part of its work to empower women and girls in agriculture.

She advised parents not to discourage their children from pursuing agricultural-related courses, pointing out that there are many ways to improve their quality of life.

Some agricultural students who spoke with the Ghana News Agency after the event noted that while their colleagues had previously discouraged them from pursuing agriculture, they were now glad they were because of the chances they had been exposed to.