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Tanzanian: AKILIMO App is crucial in assisting cassava farmers.

AKILIMO App is crucial in assisting cassava farmers.

Dr. Deusdedit Peter Mlay, the Research and Innovation Coordinator at the Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) Ukiriguru Center, has stressed the importance of the AKILIMO App in increasing crop yields. He explained how cassava farmers may use it to make better judgments about the type and amount of fertilizer to use in their fields to boost yield. During a visit to TARI Ukiriguru in Mwanza, Mlay revealed this to Tanzania’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Anthony Peter Mavunde (MP), and other guests.

Farmers, according to Mlay, must grow more cassava to meet the demands of processing firms. They must also adhere to good agricultural techniques, such as fertilizer application, in order to improve plant nutrition, restore soil fertility, and raise crop productivity.

According to Mlay, the AKILIMO App was created to address the cassava value chain’s scarcity of extension agents (EAs). Due to their relative scarcity, it was difficult for EAs to reach many farmers while sharing farming innovations and training them on how to enhance their fields to earn a larger revenue. As a result, the AKILIMO App was created to supplement the crucial function traditionally performed by EAs, namely, supporting farmers in receiving agronomic recommendations and assistance.

Cassava farmers’ increased adoption of the AKILIMO App contributes significantly to making their lives easier. Many of them have benefited from this digital service, which has improved production efficiency. The App was created by the African Cassava Agronomy Initiative (ACAI) to provide site-specific suggestions for ideal planting strategies, such as intercropping and planting and harvest dates.

“We urge that farmers use the AKILIMO App because, in addition to receiving all agronomic recommendations and assistance, they will be able to know the yield quantity accomplished because the App provides yield estimates,” Mlay explained.

Farmers can download the app for free from the Google Play Store. Hon. Mavunde emphasized the need of having this app available on the Apple App Store so that all smartphone users can benefit from it.