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Farmers are encouraged to use improved and hybrid seeds

Farmers are encouraged to use improved and hybrid seeds

In light of the rising cost of input, Mr. Kwasi Wih, National Director, Plant Protection and Regulatory Services Directorate (PPRD) of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, advised farmers to seek out good and improved seeds from input shops so that the little fertilizer they add can ensure good yields.

“With better and hybrid seeds, and with minimal fertilizer and pesticide, the farmer may still generate some yields from their farms,” Mr. Wih told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on the sidelines of the exhibition, which was organized by the Market Oriented Agriculture Programme.

Mr. Wih advocated and added that the farmer should seek packages with the producer’s sticker identifying the variety of seed, the year it was produced, the year it was tested, and the germination potential, as well as being fully certified, as advised by the regulator.

According to the Director of the PPRD, the Sissala area is notable for grain production.
Farmers should acquire hybrid seeds from seed shops, he said.

“I’ve worked in the Upper West region and have noticed that individuals have planted seedlings and they haven’t fruited in 10 years,” Mr. Wih explained. “We want farmers to obtain a return on their investments, so we’re planning to have seedlings certified.

“I’m also in the region to participate in the seed input fair and represent the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to ensure that our seedlings program makes quality seedlings available to farmers,” he added. “We’re launching a vigorous seedlings program that will certify all those producing seedlings and have their sites monitored and regulated to produce certified and improved and good seedlings to farmers.”

Mr. Mbanya Wuni Issah, a Technical Advisor for the GIZ MOAP-North West project, said the goal was to provide inexpensive quality seeds and agro-inputs to farmers’ doorsteps.

, he said, works with over 150 agro-input dealers and over 70 seed growers and companies to guarantee that seeds and agro-inputs are available to farmers in the region.

Mr. Fuseini Yakubu, the Municipal Chief Executive for Sissala East, has asked for support from local farmers who have the capacity to provide enough maize and other cereals to feed the entire country.

He urged the organizers to hold similar fairs in all of Northern Ghana’s districts and to make it a seasonal event for people to network, share ideas, learn about best practices, and new technologies, and create relationships for the future season.

The first seed and input expo were held in Wa in 2021 to bring together seed suppliers, exhibitors, and farmers.

“Bringing quality certified seeds and other agro-inputs items to the doorstep of farmers,” was the subject of the expo.