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Rwanda-Malawi: Chakwera and Kagame have agreed to increase trade

Rwanda-Malawi: Chakwera and Kagame have agreed

President Lazarus Chakwera of Malawi met with Rwanda President Paul Kagame yesterday, and the two leaders decided to work together to increase commerce between their nations.

After co-chairing a breakfast discussion aimed at engaging private sector actors from around the world on the African Continental Free Trade Area’s investment and trade potential, the two leaders met at the World Economic Forum (AfCTA).

Chakwera stated that the first year of the AfCTA, the world’s largest free trade agreement, necessitates concerted efforts among African economies to explore both bilateral and multilateral prospects inside the continent.

“This Pan African passion formed the foundation of our conversation.

“To that aim, President Kagame and I have decided to collaborate in promoting Malawi-Rwanda commerce.

“We have resolved to ensure that the Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation between Malawi and Rwanda moves forward as planned to finalize various agreements aimed at strengthening ties in areas such as trade, agriculture, diplomacy, security, and development,” Chakwera wrote in his Facebook page.

He went on to say that Malawi, as a forward-thinking economy, is resolved to engage everyone with common objectives in order to achieve our citizens’ socioeconomic prosperity.