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Nigeria: Federal Government To Import 10,000 Tractors From Brazil to increase food security

Tractor on the barley field by sunset.

In an effort to advance the mechanized farming strategy and boost food production, the federal ministry of agriculture and rural development announced on Thursday that it will import 10,000 tractors, 50,000 different implements, and equipment for assembly in Nigeria from Brazil.

The plan would also include five years of training for the project’s recipients as well as 142 turnkey agro-processing factories.

Salamatu Jibaniya, the ministry’s assistant director of information, announced this development in a statement from Abuja.

Jibaniya reported that Dr. Mohammad Mahmood Abubakar, the minister of agriculture and rural development, had claimed that the Brazilian government, which would be in charge of providing the equipment, and the federal government would work together to accomplish the accomplishment. Dr. Abubakar, who made this statement at the recent opening ceremony of the Africa’s Agricultural Machines and Equipment Technology Expo in Abuja, also stated that the event’s goal was to introduce African farmers to cost-effective farm equipment, new farming technologies, and boost foreign direct investments.

“The agreement with Brazilian counterparts would ensure the provision of 10,000 tractor units, 50,000 different implement and equipment units for assembly in Nigeria, 142 turnkey facilities for agro processing as well as training of the project beneficiaries for over a five-year period,” he said.

Farmers are urged to seize new technology and innovations in order to make advancements in farming techniques because the aim for food self-sufficiency cannot be reached with the old method of simple tools.