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Event: Lusaka Agric Show set to showcase agribusinesses


In order to display their products and services at the 94th Agriculture and Commercial Show, which will take place in Lusaka, more than 100 foreign exhibitors have already registered.

The topic of this year’s show, Innovation Through Technology – Technology Transforms Businesses, will run from July 27 through August 1.

According to DUNCAN MFULA, president of the Agricultural and Commercial Cooperative Society of Zambia, over 90 companies have been registered in China so far, compared to over 20 in Zimbabwe.

In an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka, Mr. MFULA stated that Ghanaian, Pakistani, and Egyptian enterprises are among the other foreign businesses that have registered.

In addition, he declared that 450 police officers from the Zambia Police Service would be sent to guard the showgrounds.

In addition, Mr. MFULA claims that in order to support local artists, the show society will not invite any foreign performers this year.

According to him, the choice was made in favor of President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s initiative to promote homegrown goods and services.

According to Mr. MFULA, 21 local artists have already been contracted, and they will perform with cultural dance ensembles from all 10 provinces.

The Show Society has received appreciation from BuyZed Campaign founder EVANS NGOMA for giving local performers top priority.

In an interview with ZNBC News, Mr. NGOMA stated that enabling local artists to perform at the event will help them make a livelihood and demonstrate their talents, particularly given the fact that they were unable to do business during the COVID-19 period.

He claims that the Show Society’s action should be applauded because it aids local artists in gaining popularity among their supporters.