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Africa needs to work towards attaining food security


Africa has the resources to feed the entire world, but it hosts the majority of the poor people in the world. This is because the continent doesn’t have the necessary technological innovations needed to attain food security.

Experts in agribusiness have encouraged Nigerian and African farmers to adopt new technologies and innovations so that the continent can achieve food security and export for foreign earnings.

During the monthly agribusiness training workshop organized by the Institute of Agribusiness Management Nigeria (IAMN) in Oyo state Ibadan, the Chief Executive Officer of BIC Farms Concepts, Adebowale Onafowora; Oyo State Chairman of the Institute of Agribusiness Management Nigeria (IAMN), Mr Olukunle Samson; an agribusiness expert, Mr Ajayi Abiodun and an agricultural policy analyst, Mr Michael Ajao, made this plea.

They emphasized that Africa has the resources to feed the world.

Onafowora, who was the guest speaker at the training, said with great concern that the continent is the poverty headquarters of the world.

He attributed the development to the adoption of an inefficient food production system.

He said: “God created Africa to be the food basket of the world. In fact, as I talk to you, 600 million hectares of unused land are still in Africa. Then, why are we poor? Africa is the only continent that has the capacity to feed the entire world and Nigeria has the largest arable land.’’

Olukunle Samson, Oyo State chairman of IAMN, lamented that at present, Africa could not feed itself, let alone the world.

He, therefore, called for innovations and the adoption of researched solutions for the continent to feed itself and the world.

The Oyo State General Secretary of IAMN, Mr Michael Ajao, said the purpose of the meeting was to bring together every professional in the agribusiness value chain.

Oni Waheed Olalekan, Agribusiness Hub Manager, IFAD Agrihub Project of IITA, harped on the need to make training need-centric and industry-focused.