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Cameroon: World Bank budgets for food insecurity

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Cameroon’s Minister of Agriculture, Gabriel Mbairobe is putting plans in place to fight food insecurity in the country.

World Bank Regional Director for Sustainable Development for Africa, Simeon Ehui, was granted an audience with the Minister to discuss this on March 8, 2022.

“With Cameroon, we are discussing a US$100 million (nearly XAF60 billion) project aimed at combating food insecurity. The goal is to see how we can mature and finalize the project,” said Simeon Ehui at the end of the meeting.

Reports given by the ministry of agriculture on January 25, 2022, states that about 2.4 million residents face insecurity as of late December 2021.

In Cameroon, the scale of the food security crisis varies according to region.

Food insecurity is usually severe in regions that are negatively affected by climates and those where refugees increase demand for food products. They include East, North, Far North, and Adamaoua.

It is also observed in regions where there is insecurity (East and Adamaoua with the Central African rebels, then the North-West and South-West with the separatist crisis).

This project will not only reduce the number of people facing food insecurity but will also help small-scale farmers increase agricultural yields and raise awareness of the impacts of climate change.