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Happy World Food Day 2022: Leave NO ONE behind


Happy World Food Day 2022 from all of us at African Harvesters; this is a day that we reflect on the significance of food for health and vitality.

The theme for this year’s celebration is Leave NO ONE behind. Leaving NO ONE behind involves building an extensive and inclusive food policy which would translate to agricultural productivity, climate-smart agriculture etc. Food and Nutrition security can be achieved if some solutions are taken into consideration which includes

1. Job opportunities, training, and education

2. Gender equality

3. Science and innovation

4. Agricultural Profitability (More Cash)

5. Sustainable agriculture

6. Farmer Field Schools

7. Biotechnologies

8. Aquaponics

10. Nuclear technology

11. Web platforms

12. Smartphone apps

13. Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction.

Governments, the private sector, the world of academia and civil society must work together in solidarity to prioritize food security, peace and equality for all.