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Nigeria: IIAS to Hold Agribusiness Workshop in Abuja


On Thursday, April 7, 2022, the International Institute for African Scholars (IIAS) will offer a session on how to transform agricultural goods into secondary products.

The workshop’s theme is Value-Chain Approach: Transformation of Agricultural Produce to Pharmaceuticals and Food Products, and it will be held at Immaculate Suites and Apartments in Wuse 2, Abuja

The goal of the workshop, according to a statement from the organizers signed by Dr. Chima Nwosu, was to discuss farming activities and the technology used or relevant. It went on to say that if a large number of individuals participate in primary and secondary activities, productivity will rise.

It stated that IIAS supports universities and scholars around the world in areas such as academic research, publications, consulting, and collaborations and that it believes that higher education institutions have the potential to raise standards for the benefit of humanity by adopting some of their research findings into real-world solutions.

“The IIAS Project group’s main goal is to find persons who are active in farming but are unable to obtain traditional bank loans or finance.” The goal is to assist these individuals in increasing their production, marketing their products through well-designed channels, and increasing their engagement.

“Snail value chain and its connection to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, processing of banana and plantain stems for medicinal remedies, coordination of agro-allied clusters along value chains, expanding the cultivation and processing of Vitamin A rich cassava, making agriculture appealing to Nigerian youths, examining farm practices and food security in Nigeria, and integration of agricultural value chain and supply chain across continents are some of the topics covered.”

The workshop, according to the organizers, will be a hands-on experience that will look at the transformation of agricultural products into secondary products as well as acceptable supply chain models throughout Nigerian states, neighboring nations, and other locations. While the training focuses on export preparation, more leeway would be granted to grow the intra-state supply chain.

The session, according to the announcement, would be led by top professionals and specialists in the industry.

“We’re drawing on the expertise of our members who have volunteered to assist with the initiatives. Farmers, dealers, warehouse owners, transporters, marketers, digital marketers, and advertising are all cooperating with the IIAS Project Department to develop the supply chain throughout African countries. Over 700 people have signed up for our trial agricultural loan/grant program. Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Guinea, Cameroon, South Africa, and Togo are among them. “Our efforts are focused on tackling the issue of food security,” the statement stated.