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Kenya pledges additional investment to boost sustainability agenda

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Kenya on Wednesday, 30th of June, 2021 said that it will mobilize additional resources from the private sector and multilateral lenders to hasten the realization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Saitoti Torome, principal secretary of, State Department of Planning, said that targeted investments are expected to boost green and inclusive growth in the country.

“The government is committed to working with all stakeholders to scale innovation and action towards the implementation of the goals by the target date of 2030,” Torome said at a virtual forum in Nairobi.

“We will focus on identifying and reporting on good practices, targeting investments that improve on the resilience of the people, to ensure no one is left behind,” he added.

Torome said the one-day forum dubbed “Accelerating the private sector decade of action, delivery, and recovery through sustainable development goals in Kenya”, explored innovative financing options towards Kenya’s sustainability agenda.

He said the country required massive investment to support the implementation of SDGs that cover basic infrastructures like roads, rail and ports, power stations, water, and sanitation as well as ensuring health, education, and food security through agriculture and rural development while addressing climate change.

Torome said that while such investment was conventionally a focus of the public domain, the private sector’s role in providing a boost in realizing the SDGs in Kenya has grown through its innovation, investment, mass customer base, labor force, resources, skills, and knowledge.

Katherine Muoki, economic planning secretary, State Department for Planning, said the government expects that the SDG engagement of companies will lead to greater social and environmental, as well as economic benefits for all citizens.

“It is a fact that no single sector will be able to deliver on all SDGs alone. A collective effort is required in the effort of leaving no one behind. Through the Kenya Private Sector Alliance, the private sector has participated in SDG achievement especially in the preparation of the National Voluntary SDG Report,” Muoki said.

Florah Mutahi, Board Chair of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), underscored the industry’s strategic position in accelerating the decade of action and delivery for sustainable development goals and green pandemic recovery.

“The private sector makes a commitment to accelerate action and delivery of SDGs and green recovery through accelerating the transition to a green growth and circular economy pathway, leveraging digital disruption and innovation, ensuring policy coherence for competitiveness,” Mutahi said.

Jaswinder Bedi, the vice-chair of KEPSA, said that companies are progressively mainstreaming SDGs in their business models and have embraced circular economy while participating in reporting using sustainability parameters and standards.