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Nigeria: FG has established a national food security committee


The Nigeria  Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has established five national steering committees to oversee donor-funded initiatives.

The projects will improve food security, create jobs, and diversify the economy.

Rural Access and Agricultural Marketing Project (RAAMP), Agro-Processing Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement Support Project (APPEALS), and Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Programme Phase-One will be the focus of the committees (ATASP-1).

The opening on Thursday, according to Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Mohammad Abubakar, marked a key milestone in implementing development partners’ support initiatives in the agricultural sector.

Mr. Abubakar explained, “It is important to note that collaboration and engagement with donors have achieved exceptional outcomes in the creation of agri-business hubs in Nigeria.” “This is extremely important in terms of food security, job creation, youth empowerment, rural development, and economic diversification, especially given the country’s historic high food prices.” Food security, job creation, import-substitution, and economic diversification are all mandated.”

The minister pointed out that the projects had been run without steering committees for a long time, making it difficult to keep track of their progress.

Value Chain Development Projects (VCDP), Livelihood Improvement and Family Support Enterprise (LIFE-ND), and Climate Change Adaptation and Agribusiness Support Programme steering committees were established in 2021.

The minister leads the ATASP-1, which has 13 members; the RAAMP has 17 members and the minister as chairman, and APPEALS has 20 members with the minister as chairman.

FGN/IFAD –VCDP has 26 members, including the minister, while FGN/IFAD –LIFE-ND has 18 members, including the minister.